The first China new material industry development conference and Exhibition

Event Dates:2018-12-19 -- 2018-12-22     Venue:Nanjing International Exhibition Center

Basic information

Event Dates:2018-12-19 -- 2018-12-22

Venue:Nanjing International Exhibition Center


Organization of the general assembly

Organizer: China Society of materials research

National Expert Advisory Committee on the development of new materials industry

Support unit: National Development and Reform Commission

Ministry of industry and information technology

Ministry of national science and technology

China Association for science and technology

Chinese Academy of Engineering

Chinese Academy of Sciences

National Natural Science Foundation

Contractor: China Industry Research Council of Materials Research Society

New material online

Co - unit: China Investment Association

Shanghai Zhongyi Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Steering Committee: National Advisory Committee of new material industry development, academician, C-MRS / deputy director general

Honorary president of the conference: Gan Yong, Li Yuanyuan

President of the general assembly: Wei Bingbo and Zhou Shaoxiong

Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the conference: Han Yafang, Han Gaorong and Zhang Yonggui

Secretary General of the general assembly: Zhang Zengzhi

Deputy Secretary General: Li Qiang, Zhao Wenfeng, Liu Feng, Li Fengmei, Li Xiaoshu, Wang Zhen

Detailed introduction

Forums 1: semiconductor materials

President: slaughterhead (academician), Wu Ling

Secretary General: in the mountains

Forum two: biomedical materials

President: Wang Yingjun (academician), Gu Zhongwei

Secretary General: Ren Li, Mao Hongli

Forum three: Shi Moxi

President: Xue Qunji (academician), Liu Zhongfan (academician), Cheng Hui Ming (academician)

Secretary General: Li Yi, spring, Liu Zhaoping

Forum four: lithium electric materials

President: Wu Feng (academician), Huang Xuejie

Secretary General: Zhao Wenwu

Forum five: polymer materials

President: Gao Xi (academician), Wang Yuzhong (academician), Li Guangxian, Zhu Wenwei, Zheng Kai, Bian Zhongwu (Nanjing government)

Secretary General: Wu Hong, Wang Qiang

Forum six: inorganic nonmetallic materials

President: Zhang Lian (academician), Han Gaorong, Peng Shou (enterprise)

Secretary General: Ren Hui

Forum seven: Superalloy

Chairman: Chung Cheng, Dai Shenglong, Zhang Yuchun

Secretary General: Zhang Zi, Xiao Chengbo and Zhongnan

Forum eight: super hard materials

President: Zou Guangtian (academician), Tian Yongjun (academician), Lv Zhi

Secretary General: Raymond Lam

Forum nine: light alloy materials

President: Pan Fusheng (academician), Ding Wenjiang (academician), Zhang Pingxiang, Yang Rui, Xiong Baiqing

Secretary General: Jiang Bin

Forum ten: carbon fiber and its composite materials

President: Li Zhongping (academician), Yao Yan, Xu Lianghua, Xu Jian

Secretary General: Zuo Xiaobiao, Xue Zhongmin

Forum Eleven: new rare earth materials

President: Li Wei (academician), Huang Xiaowei (academician), Weng Duan

Secretary General: Liu Ronghui

Forum twelve: Environmental Engineering Materials

President: Xu Nanping (academician), Nie Zuoren (academician), Dang Jianbing (enterprise)

Secretary General: Cui Suping, Wang Guangqi

Forum thirteen: green building materials

President: Yao Yan and Zhi Xiao

Secretary General: Zhang Zhonglun

Forum fourteen: integrated circuit materials

President: Wang Zhengping (academician) Chen Hongda

Secretary General: Sun Rong

Forum Fifteen: new automotive materials

President: Mao Xinping (academician)

Secretary General: Wang Li

Forum Sixteen: new mobile phone materials

President: Ding Wenjiang (academician)

Secretary General: Zhao Wenfeng

Forum seventeen: new display materials

President: Qiu Yong (academician), Yan Xiaolin (TCL)

Secretary General: exercise, Guo Tailiang, Chen Zhaoyuan

Forum Eighteen: new material Park

President: Zhou Shaoxiong

Secretary General: Li Qiang

Opening ceremony, report of the general assembly

Time; the morning of December 20, 2018

Venue: Nanjing International Exhibition Center, No. 88, lung pan Road, Xuanwu District, Nanjing.

Opening ceremony: 8:30 - 9:30

Moderator: Chairman of the International Federation of materials, Professor Han Yafang, Secretary General of China Society for materials research

1. speech by academician Wei Bingbo, director of China Society for materials research

2. speech by the governor of Jiangsu Province

3. play the documentary of "Shi Changxu and China's new material industry", and issue the first "Shi Changxu new material industry award".

The report of the general assembly: 9:30 - 12:00

Moderator: academician Wei Bingbo, director of China Society for materials research

Professor Zhou Shaoxiong, Secretary General of the National Advisory Committee on new material industry development and vice president of the society


Round table

Time: December 22, 2018 morning

Venue: Nanjing International Exhibition Center, No. 88, lung pan Road, Xuanwu District, Nanjing.

Form of round table:

Organizing academicians, experts, representative entrepreneurs and policies to control 15 people, hold closed round table meetings, discuss and modify the industry report of new materials industry (1-1.5 million words) written by experts in the sub forum, and discuss and draw up the blue paper of the new material industry development report (0.2-0.5 million words) in the industry field in 2018.

Round table results:

The blue book of the report on the development of new materials industry in the field of industry was summarized, and the blue paper of the first China new material industry development conference -2018 new material industry development was issued to the society.

National superiority and new material industry exhibition

Time: 20 2018 -22 day

Venue: Nanjing International Exhibition Center, No. 88, lung pan Road, Xuanwu District, Nanjing.

Exhibitors: "new material online" is responsible for non enterprise recruitment. Shanghai Zhongyi Exhibition Co., Ltd. is responsible for exhibitors.

Invites electronics, semiconductors, integrated circuits, mobile phones, display equipment, automobiles, biomedicine, modern Chinese medicine, chemicals, batteries, robots, aeronautics and Astronautics, rail transport equipment, smart grid equipment, cutting tools, water treatment, air and soil treatment, plastic, rubber, fiber, and architecture. Adornment, new material and so on, pay attention to the crowd to visit and exchange.

Content of the exhibition:

Superhard material

Artificial super hard abrasive: diamond, cubic boron nitride, silicon carbide (boron), super hard material polycrystal, composite sheet products, diamond film, nano diamond, diamond grinder, diamond grinding wheel, oil stone, grinding head, roller, saw, grinding wheel, grinding disc, high precision grinding wheel, high grade professional saw blade, single crystal drawing die, single crystal Type lathe tool geological drill, thin wall drill, wire drawing die, cubic boron nitride wheel, oil stone, grinding head and cutter;

Special manufacturing products and testing equipment: all kinds of diamond products, all kinds of superhard products, manufacturing equipment and testing equipment;

Grinding equipment and supporting products: grinder, grinding, grinding machine, honing machine, finishing machine, grinding tool, fixture, detection device, grinding fluid and so on.


The new material gathering group is representative enterprise, industry representative enterprise, new material leading enterprise participating in international competition, new material investment Finance Companies, new material industry park, excellent new material research team, new material institute and new material key science department of two first-class construction university.

Details of the exhibition are also attached. Please contact Shanghai Zhongyi Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Talent exchange:

New material demand meeting for high-end talents.

Industrial docking activities

Activity 1:

Academician expert enterprise bank

Organizer: China Society for materials research and Nanjing Municipal Commission of information

Activity two:

New material investment forum

Organizer: new material online, China Society for materials research

Activity three:

Visit Nanjing Jiangbei District Innovation material Museum and industrial area.

Organizer: new material online, China Society for materials research

Activity four:

Conference on the status and development trend of high-end equipment and raw materials

Organizational unit: to be determined

Activity five:

Rail transport equipment raw material status and development trend exchange meeting

Organizational unit: to be determined

Activity six:

Electric power equipment raw material present situation and development trend exchange meeting

Charge standard


The 1. booth is equipped with Booth Facility:

The standard booth (at least 9m2) is equipped with panels, carpets, a consultation table, two folding chairs, exhibitors' lintel cards, and a 220 volt single phase socket.

The light ground (36 M2 rent) configuration: the empty space, the cost of building, the land management fee and the power cost are all paid separately by the enterprise.


Enterprise nature domestic joint venture Foreign Capital Enterprise

Fee detail standard booth, light standard booth, light Booth Raw Space

One side open 9800 yuan /9m2 1000 yuan /m2 11800 yuan /9m2 1200 yuan /m2 USD3500/9sq.m USD350/1sq.m

Double faced opening 12800 yuan /9m2 13800 yuan /9m2 USD4000/9sq.m

The rental area is 27 square meters free of double-sided opening fee.

2. advertising:

It will help you find the customer after the exhibition! In addition to the general assembly during the conference, it is also sent to various professionals who have not come to visit the exhibition through a variety of relevant channels. They can quickly find the contact methods and services of your company through the journal. The price of the magazine is as follows:

The cover is 25000 yuan, the cover is 20000 yuan, and the cover is 18000 yuan.

The title page is 18000 yuan, 15000 yuan, 6000 yuan in color.

Black and white pages, $3000 yuan, company profile, $1000.

3. additional publicity opportunities Extra Promotion Exposure:

The ticket is 50000 yuan /50000 Zhang handbag (exclusive) 60000 yuan /20000

Visiting card sling 60000 yuan /30000 visiting card chest card 60000 yuan /30000

More publicity opportunities


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