Flow-Expo The 22nd China (Guangzhou) International Pumps, Valves and Pipes Exhibition 2019

Event Dates:2019-05-16 -- 2019-05-18     Venue:China Import & Export Fair Complex, Area C

Basic information

Event Dates:2019-05-16 -- 2019-05-18

Venue:China Import & Export Fair Complex, Area C



Guangdong Machinery Industry Association

Zhejiang Pump & Valve Industry Association

Wenzhou Longwan District Valve Industry Association

Guangdong Province Fluid Mechanical Technical Institute

Guangdong - CIS International Science and Technology Cooperation Union

Guangzhou HeChuan Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

Co-organizers: Jiangsu Valve Industry Association



National Company KazMunayGas

LUKOIL Oil Company 

SOCAR-AQS Limited Liability Company

Georgian Oil & Gas Corporation

Consulate General of The Russian Federation in Guangzhou

Consulate General of The Republic of Belarus in Guangzhou

Detailed introduction

Exhibition Advantages:

FlowExpo was founded in 1997 and hold annually in Guangzhou. It is recognized by industry for its “Professional Exhibition, Buyers Matching, Remarkable Effect’, and it is also a brand exhibition recognized by Guangzhou Government. Our exhibition is one of the largest, most professional and most advanced technology in the fluid industry. It is an important channel for brand promotion, engineering procurement, technology procurement, supporting cooperation, user negotiation, import & export, distribution agency, OEM etc.

FlowExpo is positioned in providing service for water/purified water/sewage, hot water/steam, oil/natural gas/gas, air/compressed air/smoke, industrial liquid/gases/powder/mixture treatment, processing, transportation, measurement, control engineering. Flowexpo is not only a platform for industry exchanges and trade cooperation, but also a weather vane that has a profound impact on the development of fluid industry.

FlowExpo attracts more than 10,000 professional buyers and suppliers from more than 40 countries and regions every year. It is a global industry exchange and B2B trade show. With the implementation of the national Belt and Road strategy, We focus on inviting experts from the Belt and Road countries to visit the exhibition. To make the exhibitors grasp business opportunities and get actual export opportunities.

Visitors Invitation:

1.Focus on energy, electric power, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, daily chemical, metallurgy, coating, biomedicine, paper, municipal construction, construction, water supply, gas supply, sewage treatment, environmental protection engineering, machinery manufacturing, plastic machinery, medical equipment and other industries.

2. Having a large database with more than one million visitors and inviting visitors through the key visitors will be visited and enjoy the vip priority. 

3. Visiting more than 120 related associations and inviting the members of associations to visit and purchase.

4. Inviting buyers from over 40 countries and districts including United States, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia, Commonwealth of Independent States, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Iran, Iraq, Taiwan, and Hong Kong etc. through the consulates in Guangzhou and related foreign industry organizations. On-site organizing Belt and Road National Fluid Machinery, Pump, Valve and Pipe Purchasing Trade Fairs.

5. Printing 300,000 tickets and invitations, inviting professional visitors through sending emails and distributing in the similar industrial exhibitions. 


The exhibition has had 3885 exhibitors, 155,00sqm exhibition area, and 226,000 visitors in the past years accumulatively. The exhibitors contain: Emerson, TYCO, FLOWSERVE, ITT, Crane, Maximator, PARKER, Danfoss, John Crane, ARI-ARMATUERN, COLFAX, Hitachi, SAMSON, Bray, LESER, Spirax Sarco, Armsttrong, TLV, Watson Mc Daniel, Douglas Chero, OVENTROP, AUMA, AMERTEK,Perkin Amelmer, Red Point Alloy, Richter EP, Walworth, BUTTING, Linde, NSK, Permea, KANEKO, Teesing, DOOCH, Farex, Rosedale, Teadit, Hoerbiger, FLUKE, FLWA, Superema, NIKKISO, GEFA, Koei, MOTOYAMA, NEWWAY, INTERFACE, SPECTRO, Grundfos, NIKUNI, DEMBLA, WIKA,MELCHERS, Guangyi Electromechanical, BYRUN etc.

Exhibits Categories:

1. Fluid control equipment: valves, regulators, actuators, valve bodies and accessories.

2. Fluid instrumentations: fluid temperature, pressure, flow, level transmitter, analytical instrumentation, and automated control systems.

3. Fluid delivery systems: pumps, compressors, wind turbine and vacuum equipment.

4. Fluid delivery pipeline: pipe fittings, pipe, steel pipe and piping system.

5. Fluid processing equipment: heat transfer, mass transfer, reaction, separation, drying, storage of pressure vessels.

6. Fluid environmental protection equipment: fluid filtration, water treatment, sewage treatment, air purification, desulfurization and dust removal, environmental protection equipment.

7. Fluid cooling equipment: colling tower,cooler,cooling-water machine,water chiller,heat transfer equipment,condenser

8. Fluid transmission systems and sealing components: fluid sealing systems, hydraulic components, pneumatic components, sealing materials, sealing devices, etc.

9. Fluid mechanical parts: casting forgings, flange gaskets

Concurrent Events:

1. The Belt and Road International Energy Chemical Industry and Pumps Valves Pipes Technology Summit Forum

2. Fluid Machinery and Pumps, Valves & Pipes Business Matching Meeting

3. Chemical Environmental Protection Water Treatment Technology Exchange Meeting

4. 2019 Guangzhou Pump Systems Energy-saving Technology Forum

5. 2019 Guangdong Province Fluid Machinery Industry Annual Conference

Exhibition Schedule:

Set-up Date : 14th-15th May, 9:00-17:00

Exhibition Date: 16th-18th May, 9:00-17:00

Move-out Date: 18th May, 14:00-17:00

The Belt and Road International Energy Chemical Industry and Pumps Valves Pipes Technology Sumit Forum


To further promote the intercommunication and trade cooperation between 

China’s manufacturers on energy chemical industry, pumps, valves & pipes technology and the enterprises in the countries along the Belt and Road on petrochemical engineering and pipe production & technology;  to build the B2C communication platform and to thoroughly implement the International Innovation Driven Development Strategy so as to gather the fluid technological innovative resources used in the Belt and Road and accelerate the achievements transformation and upgrade the innovation of the industry, specially organized this conference. 

The conference will be held in concurrently with the “FlowExpo-The 22nd China (Guangzhou) International Pumps, Valves & Pipes Exhibition 2019”. With the consideration of the international technology transformation and industrial cooperation, the summit plans to invite the distinguished guests from the governmental organizations, scientific research institutions and large & medium enterprises in petrochemical and engineering industry in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Georgia etc. 

Conference: The Belt and Road International Energy, Chemical Industry and Pumps Valves Pipes Technology Sumit Forum

Time: 9:00-17:00 , 17th May, 2019 (Friday)

Venue: Westin Hotel (next to China Import & Export Fair Complex, Area C)

Participates: 250 people

Organizers and Media: 

Guiding Unit:

Industry and Information Technology Committee of Guangzhou Municipality 

Guangzhou Science Technology and Innovation Commission


Guangdong Machinery Industry Association

Guangdong - CIS International Science and Technology Cooperation Union

Zhejiang Pump & Valve Industry Association

Jiangsu Valve Industry Association

Guangzhou HeChuan Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.



National Company KazMunayGas

SOCAR-AQS Limited Liability Company

Georgian Oil & Gas Corporation

China Huadian Corporation Ltd.

The People’s Government of Tieling City


Guangdong - CIS International Science and Technology Cooperation Union

Guangzhou HeChuan Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.


Xinhua News Agency


Guangdong Radio and Television Station

Nanfang Daily

Guangzhou Daily

Southern Metropolis Daily

Event Sponsor: recruiting


Time: 9:00-17:00, 17th May, 2019

9:00-9:20  Sign in

9:20-9:30  Opening ceremony and Introduction

9:30-9:40  Speech from Chinese guest

9:40-9:50  Speech from foreign guest

9:50-10:10 The Development and Innovation of Russian Petrochemical Industry-- LUKOIL

10:10-10:30 The Belarus Development Needs for Petrochemical Equipment-- Belorusneft

10:30-10:50 Products promotion of new technologies & new products of pump, valve and pipe-Sponsors

10:50-11:10 Break and free chat

11:10-11:30 The Latest Innovative Achievements in Equipment Manufacturing.-- Dr. Солонин Юрий Михайлович, the academician of The National Academy of Science of Ukraine

11:30-12:00 Products promotion of new technologies & new products of pump, valve and pipe-Sponsors

12:00-14:00 Buffet Lunch

14:00-14:20 The Mainly Oil Resources and Oil Investment environment in Kazakhstan-- National Company KazMunayGas

14:20-14:40 The Procurement Requirements of Georgian in Petrochemical Equipment-- Georgian Oil & Gas Corporation

14:40-15:00 About valves and pumps’ export market in the Belt and Road countries from Zhejiang Province-- Zhejiang Pump & Valve Industry Association

15:00-15:20 About the Brand Building Situation of Valve in Jiangsu- -Jiangsu Valve Industry Association

15:20-15:50 Products promotion of new technologies & new products of pump, valve and pipe-Sponsors

15:50-16:00 Break and free chat

16:00-16:20 Contract signing ceremony

16:20-16:40 Awarding the Certificate of Honor

16:40 The end


The government officers at home and abroad, the representatives from the service organizations and mainstream medias.

The leaders from Guangdong Machinery Industry Association, Zhejiang Pump & Valve Industry Association and Jiangsu Valve Industry Association.

The envoys from the Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan consulate in Guangzhou.

Famous experts, scholars and the managers of the related research institute at home and abroad.

The specialist representatives from the petrochemical related industry in the countries along the Belt and Road, academicians from the field of environmental protection, energy saving and equipment manufacturing.

Professionals in the field of fluid machinery and pumps, valves and pipes.

Registration Fee

USD 350/ person (conference fee, material fee, buffet lunch, water and souvenir are included)

Charge standard

Stand TpyePriceFacilities
Raw spaceUSD 300/ sqmStand location close to the   entrance/exit or main corridor, exhibitors bear the cost of booth   construction
Luxury boothUSD 380/ sqm4 meters   aluminum door heads, door head printing, exhibition lintel printing, 2 LED   spotlights each 3 meters
(≥18sqm)18 sqm( 3 open   sides or 2 open sides), 2 information counters(one more/ 9sqm),2 round   tables(one more/ 9sqm), 6 chairs(two more/9sqm),4 spotlights(two more/9sqm),1   3A electric socket(500W non-lighting electricity), 2 dustbins
Standard boothShell booth with   corner1 information   counter
3 m×3mUSD 3000/ 9sqm2 chairs
 Shell booth with   one side open3 walls
 USD 2700/ 9sqm1 dustbin
  1/2 banner   (green lettering on white background)
  2   spotlights(40W)
  1 electric   socket(220V and 500W)

Catalogue advertisement and other advertisements:

Catalogue AdvertisementOn-site Ad and   others Ad
Front CoverUSD4,300/page140×210mmExhibitor   BadgeUSD5,000
Back CoverUSD3,300/page140×210mmVisitor   BadgeUSD8,000
The Second Front CoverUSD2,000/page140×210mmVisitor   BadgeUSD8,000
The Third Front CoverUSD2,000/page140×210mmTicketUSD8,000/10,000 pcs210×90mm
Tile pageUSD2,100/page140×210mmHandbagone side):USD8,000/1000 bags
Inside Color   PageUSD1,000/page140×210mmProduct   Promotion
Exhibitor USD1,500/ 30mins
Inside White and Black PageUSD500/page140×210mmNon-exhibitor   2,500/ 30mins


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Organizer: Guangzhou Hechuan Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Flowexpo Exhibition Co., Ltd.

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