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Event Dates:2022-08-10 -- 2022-08-12



Organiser:Reed Exhibitions

Detailed introduction

ALUMINIUM CHINA provides an integrated business platform for business talks, international exchange, and networking. The event covers the full picture of the industry, including aluminum, aluminum alloys, processing materials, aluminum parts, manufactured products, and related machinery and consumables by offering new products, technologies, processes, and applications of the full industry chain. The event promotes exchange and cooperation amongst upstream and downstream suppliers and helps with industry resource integration. In here, you get to catch up with the latest industry updates and insights. The event focuses on the new demands by such key sectors as automotive, packaging, consumer electronics, rail transportation, and aviation. In here, industry leaders and experts home and abroad gather to share design optimization and process innovations to benefit deep processing and end-use applications. Building on 16 years of experiences and industry resources, the event provides business match-making services to help companies identify high-quality buyers.

Lightweight Asia offers an event to both showcase products and facilitates technological exchange. By showcasing lightweight materials, auto parts, processing technologies, structural optimization, and other key lightweight products and designs home and abroad, the event offers a one-stop procurement platform for automakers and parts manufacturers alike. In addition, the event showcases complete solutions for advanced materials and processing technologies as needed by design, R&D, and technical and procurement professionals in automakers as well as research institutions. Thus, the event offers an exchange platform to carry out technological exchange and catch up with the latest updates of the industry.

Main Scope of Exhibits


● Raw aluminium

● Recycled aluminium

● Aluminium alloys

● Primary aluminium products

● semi-products and half made alloys, such as aluminium profiles, sheets, belts, foils, aluminium-plastics, casting, and forge

● Deep processed products, covering construction, transportation, machinery, packaging, electronics, photo-voltaic industries


● Raw aluminium processing equipment

● Recycled aluminium processing equipment

● Heat processing 

● Extrusion and rolling equipment

● Surface processing equipment 

● Test and measurement

● Deep processing equipment 

● Auxiliary materials and other equipment

● Environmental protection and energy efficient equipmen

Buyers Profile

● Raw aluminium, recycled aluminium, and aluminium processing factories

● Aluminium equipment makers

● Aluminium traders, distributors, and agents

● Transportation industry players, such as auto parts makers, auto makers, rail transportation players, space and aerospace players

● Consumer electronics and white goods

● Packaging industry

● Machinery makers

● Construction industry, such as windows, doors, and walls; home décor; real estate developers and construction contractors; model makers

● Other aluminium users, such as the photo-voltaic and construction industries

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