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Event Dates:2022-12-05 -- 2022-12-08

Venue:Fuzhou, China


The first China Foundry Congress was held in 2000. More than 20 years later, it has developed into a comprehensive service platform and yearly festival for Chinese foundry industry integrating academic discussion, technical exchange, corporate management and practice, science and technology achievement presentation, recognition and awards, domestic and international exchange as well as economic and trade cooperation. Each year the congress gathers industry experts, including academicians and professors from various universities and research institutions, corporate technicians and managers, to show and exchange their research results and progress.

Event Date: December 5-8, 2022

Event Venue: Sheraton Fuzhou Hotel, China

Congress Theme: Technological Progress and Coordinated Development of Foundry Industry under the "Dual Carbon" Goal

Concurrent Conference: The 13th China Foundry Quality & Standard Forum


Guided by

Department of Industry and Information Technology of Fujian Province


Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society

China Foundry Productivity Promotion Center


Foundry Institution of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society 

Haixi (Fujian) Institute, China Academy of Machinery Science & Technology Group

Shenyang Zhongzhu Foundry Productivity Promotion Center Co., Ltd.

Public Service Platform for the Industrialization of Innovative Achievements in Equipment Key Part Casting

Joint Organizers

Shenyang Research Institute of Foundry Co., Ltd.

State Key Laboratory of Light Alloy Casting Technology for High-end Equipment

Institute of Semi-Solid Metal Technology (Jiangle) Co., Ltd.

Fujian Advanced Forming Engineering Research Center of High-performance Al-alloy

Fuyao Group


Detailed introduction

To deal with global warming, environmental pollution and other issues related to human survival and development, all industries over the world have reached a consensus to develop in a more green and low-carbon way. For China, the government has proposed a carbon reduction strategy in 2020: to "peak carbon dioxide emissions" before 2030 and to achieve "carbon neutrality" before 2060. "Dual Carbon" brings both challenges and opportunities to the foundry industry which is labelled with high energy consumption and high pollution.

Themed by “technological progress and coordinated development of foundry industry under the Dual Carbon goal”, China Foundry Congress 2022 on basis of the common demands of SMEs, will gather foundry professionals and provide delegates with high-value content including policy analysis, advanced technology, market demand analysis, practice sharing, talents training etc. in way of speeches, bizmatching, expert Q&A, display, club. 

Recognition & Awards  

The Outstanding Scientific and Technological Workers of Foundry Industry

National Outstanding Contributor to Foundry Education and Training

Outstanding Contributor to Group Standards of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society

MEICC: Casting Process Design Competition Excellent Organization Unit Awarding Ceremony

Commendation Ceremony for Outstanding Members of Foundry Institution of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society

Innovative Foundry Technologies and Products

Thanks to Excellent Partners of China Foundry Congress

National Foundry Industry Photography Competition Awarding Ceremony

BizMatching - Efficiently Accelerates Resource Integration 

BizMatching with European Companies on Advanced Foundry Technology

BizMatching with University on Scientific Research Achievements and Talent Training

BizMatching with Foundry Industrial Park

Exchange with Casting Purchasers

Congress Highlights 

1. Plenary Session - Focusing on Industry Policy, Trend and Market

Influence of "Dual Carbon" goal on foundry industry

Opportunities and challenges of foundry industry from the perspective of clients

Standardization guides and promotes high-quality development of foundry industry

2. Speeches - Focus on Latest Technologies and Innovative Applications

Forum on Advanced Technology and Innovative Application of Cast Steel

Forum on Advanced Technology and Innovative Application of Cast Iron

Forum on Advanced Technology and Innovative Application of Nonferrous Alloy and Special Casting

The 13th China Foundry Quality & Standard Forum

3. Theme Workshop - Interact with Experts and Spark New Ideas

Expert Q&A—Solution and Analysis of Casting Defects

Auto-foundry Club Activities (Fuzhou)

Cost Management and Control Sharing

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Foundry Institution of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society

Ms. Gillian Li 


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