The 18th China Die Casting Congress

Event Dates:2023-03-22 -- 2023-03-24     Venue:Hefei,China

Basic information

Event Dates:2023-03-22 -- 2023-03-24




Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society

Die Casting Commission of the World Foundry Organization

Foundry Productivity Promotion Center


Foundry Institution of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society

Society State Key Laboratory of Light Alloy Casting Technology for High-end Equipment

Shenyang Zhongzhu Foundry Productivity Promotion Center Co., Ltd.

Public Service Platform for the Industrialization of Innovative Achievements in Equipment Key Part Casting


NürnbergMesse China Co., Ltd.

Zonzu Technology

Die-casting Weekly

Japan Keikinzoku Tsushin Al Co., Ltd.

National Technical Committee 54 on Foundry of Administration of China



Special Casting & Nonferrous Alloys


JAC-NIO Advanced Manufacturing Base

Hefei BYD Automobile Co., Ltd.

Hefei Yaming Automotive Parts Co., Ltd.

Detailed introduction

Congress Them: EV-manufacturing Leads the Era of Mega Casting

With the further implementation of the energy efficiency policies and the "Dual Carbon" strategy, the automotive industry has ushered in stricter fuel consumption and emission standards, which has spawned a huge EV market and a greater degree of lightweight applications, and promote the die casting towards the direction of large-scale and integration. Vehicle manufacturers, die casting factories, equipment and raw materials enterprises are promoting Mega Casting industrialization actively, a promising future is awaiting.

Taking the advantages of EV industry cluster in Hefei, DIE CASTING CONGRESS 2023 will be held in Hefei from March 22-24, under the theme of "EV-manufacturing Leads the Era of Mega Casting". The congress will discuss the solutions and development direction of the die casting industry through diversified interactive activities such as technology sharing, product display, expert interview, workshop discussion, etc., to promote the high-quality development of the EV industry.

Congress Highlights

1、Speech Topics: Focus on the Application and Innovation of Mega Casting and EV

Product Development and Integrated Computational Materials Engineering

Development and Application of Alloy Material

High-end Mould Making Technology

Advanced Processes and Innovative Technology

Intelligent Manufacturing and Lean Management

Die Casting Equipment and Integration Technology

2、Speech Topics: Focus on the Die Casting Policy, Trend and Market

Development Trend of EV Industry

Interpretation of Die Casting Industry Standards

Impact of Carbon Trading on Die Casting Industry

Overview of Die Casting Technology and Market Development

Discussion on the Diversity Application of Die Castings

3、Theme Workshops ?Discuss Topics in Detail

Solution and Analysis of Casting Defects

Auto-foundry Club Activities (Hefei)

Technical Discussion of Equipment, Materials and Process of Die Casting

4、Social Activities to Expand Industry Resources

Die Casting Elite Party

Reception Dinner

5、Dialogue with Industry Experts for Strategic Insights

The organizer will invite senior media "Die-Casting Weekly" to interview industry experts and executives of well-known enterprises, their deep insights on industry's sore points and trends will be broadcast to the entire industry.

6、Recommended Brands & Products Display

"Recommended Brands & Products Display" will be held on site concurrently with DIE CASTING CONGRESS, to enhance the promotion of latest technologies and research results effectively, and stimulate the enterprise's creative vitality.

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