Foundry Institution of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society (FICMES) 

Foundry Institution of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society (FICMES), founded in 1962, is the largest national academic society in foundry field in China. FICMES is responsible for the national academic exchange and economic trade in foundry and die casting field, and acts as the bridge linking research institutes, colleges, design units and enterprises. Its aim is to disseminate new technology and achievement, to promote the progress and development of foundry trade through academic activities. 

With more than 10,000 members, FICMES consists of 23 committees, keeps in touch with 60 local foundry societies, and admits about 500 enterprises and 50 universities and scientific research institutes as its group members. The council of FICMES is made up of the well-known specialists, scholars and experts from universities, institutes and enterprises around the country. It is elected once every 4 years.

FICMES holds the Chinese Foundry Academic Conference once in about 3 years and the committees organize more than 40 academic activities every year. Since the establishment of FICMES, it has organized many academic activities. About 100 thousands participants exchanged 5000 papers in 450 academic conferences held by FICMES. Admissions to the 20 exhibitions held by FICMES totaled 40 thousands.

FICMES publishes four journals, Foundry, China Foundry Machinery & Technology, Special Casting & Nonferrous Alloys, and Modern Cast Iron. It also published Foundry Manual, China Foundry History, Foundry dictionary, Shengquan Foundrymen Manual and various academic proceedings one after another, about more than 20 millions words in all. In addition, FICMES worked out over 30 of the latest foundry standards and technical specifications, such as the Method of Aluminium Clay Coating and the Mould Shell Making, the Melt of Aluminium Alloy for Die Casting and the Terminology of Resin Sand.

FICMES pays much attention to the international academic exchange and cooperation. In the 45th World Foundry Congress (WFC) held by the International Committee of Foundry Technical Association (CIATF) in Budapest, Hungary in 1978, FICMES was formally admitted to be a member. Since then, FICMES has sending delegations to attend each World Foundry Congress and has submitted over 10 official papers. The former chairman of FICMES, Prof. Yaohe Zhou, was elected as a member of the Executive Committee of CIATF in 1988 and had been the chairman of the Executive Committee in 1992 to 1993. Meanwhile, FICMES also sent delegations every year to attend other international conferences and exhibitions in foundry and die casting field. It has good relationship with the foundry societies in other country, especially ROK, Japan, Germany, USA, Russia, Poland, Switzerland and India.

In recent years, FICMES successfully held '1986 Beijing International Foundry Congress & Exhibition, the 61st World Foundry Congress and China Foundex '1995, China International Diecasting Congress and Exhibition (China Diecasting) every 2 years and some special technical symposiums. Thousands of foundrymen around the world came to attend the activities, which improved the development and exchange of new technology and products.

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