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FVC Philippines Inquiries on Cold Box Resin System

Post Time:2017-02-09    News sources:FSC

FVC Philippines, Inc, a Japanese manufacturer of Furukawa valves. It has a furan foundry for cast iron and Aluminum castings here in Philippines. Website

FVC plans to upgrade our coremaking line and small mold production line via Cold Box system to increase productivity. However, it dosen't have any experience on Cold Box, hence this query. They would like to have informations about this system so they can make cost analysis to justify this project.

Would appreciate if you can providethe following information:

1. Binder Cost (RM prices for each component). Would help if you can send Product Data Sheets
2. Binder addition levels
3. Equipment required
4. Reclamability
5. Is this compatible with furan system? If it be can reclaimed together with furan and used this reclaimed sand in Furan system
6. Can it be used for all types of metal e.g., cast iron, steel and non ferrous (Al and bronze)
7. Environmental issue
8. Storage and shelf life of RMs

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